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Get a list of Capabilities for a License


Use this endpoint to return the capabilities assigned to a granteeId or product.



Query Parameters

Parameter Description Type Required
productUuid The UUID of the product you are interested in string ✅
grace The number of days to add to the capabilitiesEndDates. Values of <=0 will return an error integer 🇽
granteeIds The GranteeID of what has the license string ✅


Header Name Description Required Value
x-api-key Your API key, from the Salable Dashboard ✅ string

Sample Request[123456]

x-api-key: "Your API Key"


The response is an array of objects.

Element Description Type Notes
capabilities The names of the capabilites returned from the query Array of strings
publicHash ? string
signature ? string
capsHashed ? string
capabilitiesEndDates The end dates for the capabilities listed by capabilities array of objects
Strings returned by capabilities The current end date for this capability in ISO 8601 and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) string The format is: YYYY-MM-DDThh: mm:ss.sssZ

Sample Response

    "capabilities": [
    "publicHash": "049dc23c8539f65abd7550f2c4f851f96f5e668c22dc124332e373f227eb2a8740876d734eb1dcbd1c6233e3cfb194326841f421fd8367c95c688ad76ef8555f2d",
    "signature": "3045022100ebf990d2422c450e7092f8a0388d73ddedc7fb971f4891255a843272368b556702206cd2ebea2c51574023abd76b53a24f9b36c45cd1e314411ab23bcb3290fa50c9",
    "capsHashed": "basic,pro,app",
    "capabilitiesEndDates": {
        "basic": "2022-09-25T15:05:03.625Z",
        "pro": "2022-09-25T00:00:00.000Z",
        "app": "2022-09-25T00:00:00.000Z"